Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ciné Midi du mois de Janvier 2011
(January Movies)

L'Alliance Francaise organise tous les mardi midi une projection de films francais pour améliorer la compréhension orale de ses étudiants et favoriser leur connaissance en culture francaise. N'hésitez pas a venir découvrir les classiques du cinéma francais!!

The Alliance organizes french movies projections every tuesday at 12 to improve oral comprehension of the studients and to develop their knowledges about french culture...Do not hesitate to discover with us famous french movies!!

"The Secret" (Tuesday 01/04)

Naomi, the brilliant and pious daughter of an orthodox rabbi, finds herself at the crossroads of life choices when her mother dies and she is expected to marry her father's prodigy. She begs that her father allow her one year to study at a women's religious seminary in order to prepare for sacrifices she will make as a wife and her father relents.
Devout yet lively, her life begins to take an unexpected turn as she and her new school mate, Michelle, befriend a beautiful, mysterious older woman, Anouk (Fanny Ardant), who lives nearby, who may not be Jewish, is ill, and may be guilty of a crime of passion. Naomi devises a series of rituals which will somehow purge Anouk of her sins. Eventually this journeys into the forbidden and leads to a growing attraction between the two girls and more crossroads are faced.

This movie explores the complexities of a religious lifestyle in a vibrant environment of youth, rebellion and desire.

"Avenue Montaigne" (Tuesday 01/11)
This movie centers around Jessica (Cécile de France), a beautiful young woman from the provinces who comes to Paris and lands a job waiting tables at a chic bistrot on fabled Avenue Montaigne, the city's nexus for art, music, theater and fashion. Jessica's customers include a popular TV actress (Valérie Lemercier) who is courting a major Hollywood director (Sydney Pollack) for her first serious film role ; a wealthy art collector (Claude Brasseur) who is about to liquidate a lifetime's worth of treasures at auction ; and an illustrious classical pianist (Albert Dupontel) who is at odds with his manager/wife (Laura Morante) as to where his career is headed.
Precisely because Jessica doesn't know how celebrated these people are, her guileless and completely unintimidated engagement in their lives has a transforming effect on them - an ultimately her.

"La Grande Vadrouille" (Tuesday 01/18)

During World War II... When their combat aircraft is shot down by the Germans, three English airmen parachute to the comparative safety of Nazi occupied France. One lands on the scaffold of an amiable painter and decorator, Augustin. Another lands on top of a concert hall and is rescued by the irascible but patriotic conductor Stanislas Lefort. The third ends up in the otter enclosure in a Parisian zoo. When they try to help the airmen keep a rendez-vous at the Turkish baths in Paris, Augustin and Stanislas quickly find that they themselves have become targets for the German soldiers. Assisted by the daughter of a puppeteer and an anti-German nun, the two unwilling heroes accompany the three airman on a reckless trek across France towards the neutral zone and safety.

"Odette Toulemonde" (Tuesday 01/25)

Catherine Frot is Odette an ordinary woman, a mother of two children, working at a department store. She loves more than anything reading books by bestselling novelist Balthazar Balsan (Albert Dupontel). But Balthazar is not a happy man; his recent book is ridiculed and treated as a trash by a sneering critic, who, Balthazar knows soon, is having an affair with his wife! Heartbroken Balthazar finds consolation in a most unexpected place, however: a letter from Odette, most devoted fan of the writer, which leads him to her and a new life.